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01 January 2020 @ 12:22 am
Master List - Fanfic - Star Trek  
Master List of Star Trek Fanfic

Canon stories
Vaccine Time (NC-17, Kirk/McCoy, Christine Chapel) - Jim Kirk tries to distract his CMO from giving him a physical and discovers a new way to evade those hyposprays.

Hollow (1,142 words, G) -  A crew member from the Starship Enterprise returns to earth and deals with the fall out from the battle with Nero.

Inconvenience - Part 1 & Part 2 (18,460 words, NC-17, Kirk/McCoy, Scotty, Spock, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, various Enterprise crew and some aliens) - Though many would love a glimpse into the mind of James Tiberius Kirk, Leonard McCoy is not one of them. Due to a "gift" from an alien race, he gets to find out exactly what goes on in the head of James T Kirk.

He's a Doctor, not a Blacksmith (1,234 words, G, Kirk, Spock and McCoy) - Surprise, surprise, an away mission doesn't quite go according to plan and Dr McCoy has a little something to say about that.

Cabin Boy (10,328 words, NC-17, Warnings: Threesome, Double Penetration aka normal threesome shenanigans, apparently (thanks diz!) Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/McCoy/Chekov) - Chekov's birthday dream comes true

Fairytale - the Kirk and McCoy way (1,213 words, PG for some swearing, Kirk/McCoy) - Life isn't a fairytale, and the next best thing isn't always what you really want.

Get off my lawn! (4,018 words, PG) McCoy, Kirk, Sulu, Chekov, Spock/Uhura (implied), Rand, Chapel, Scotty, Cupcake and various other crewmembers - The crew start observing some new behaviour from the Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise. What does this mean for the rest of the crew?

Immortalized (905 words, PG, McCoy, Kirk, OFC) - Jim sees one of the highlights of Atlanta for the first time and like normal can't keep his mouth shut.

Sunshine and Rain (938 words, PG, Kirk, McCoy, Eleanora McCoy and Joanna McCoy) - Leonard McCoy receives a vid call that he wasn't expecting.

a Gentle Grip and a Hard Release (2,119 words, NC-17, Kirk/McCoy) - Jim Kirk was sure he knew everything about his best friend and then there was that day on the Bridge and everything changed.

The adventures of Captain Tightpants and the Grumpy Warrior (601 words, PG, Kirk/McCoy (ish)) - The things a Starfleet officer has to do to appease the locals...

Bright Idea (2,162 words, R, Kirk/McCoy, mentions of McCoy/OC and Kirk/OC) - Okay, so maybe it hadn’t been Bones’ brightest idea ever to try and lecture Jim Kirk about the merits of just kissing.

Kisses kept are wasted (6,192 words, R, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura) - As the Enterprise slowly makes it way back toward Earth, an epiphany comes to Jim Kirk about his relationship with his best friend.

I really mean it (2,249 words, NC-17, Kirk/McCoy. Warnings: Rimming) - Bones discovers that Jim seems to be having second thoughts about the change in their relationship. He finds a way to make it clear to Jim exactly how things stand between them.

Exposure (7,054 words, NC-17, Kirk/McCoy, Sulu, Scotty and M’Benga. Warnings: a little bit of dub-con of the sex pollen variety) - Today my best friend who I secretly want to have sex with thought it was a good idea to get exposed to a massive dose of sex pollen. Now he won't leave me alone. FML.

The Ways of the Underworld are Perfect (7,632 words, R, McCoy/Uhura, Kirk/McCoy) - Jim has plans for tonight’s Xenolinguistics Halloween Party at the Academy and no matter what Bones thinks, he is going to be a part of them.

Pranksters (23,000 words, R, Kirk/McCoy, Uhura, Gaila, Chapel, OCs) - The legendary and epic prank war of 2255-2258 by cadets Kirk and McCoy. Leonard might not have started it, but he was damn sure gonna finish it.

The tedium of away missions (3,286 words, NC17, McCoy, Kirk, Spock, M’Benga, OCs with Kirk/OC and hints of Kirk/McCoy (ish) Warnings: voyeurism and masturbation) - While there is a lot of paperwork and reports to be done, some things will never get written about

Be my... (4,286 words, PG, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, OCs) - If you need a message of love to be written, don't ask Jim Kirk or Leonard McCoy to do it.

Next Time (100 words, PG, Kirk/McCoy implied) - Jim has a little problem with hyposprays

A message from Her (366 words, PG, Kirk, Winona, McCoy) - Jim receives something he never expected on the return to Earth

Stalking Laws Under Scrutiny (217 words, PG, Kirk, Spock, OC's) - Inquiring minds want to know what happened on Risa

Delta Vega: Must Experience Skiing Hotspot (376 words, PG, Scotty, Keenser, Genderbend) - Keenser knows just how to handle Scotty

War Ended With a Slice of a Sword (83 words, PG, Sulu, Chekov) - Trust in Mother Russia

Engineer Caught in compromising position with furball (35 words, PG, Scotty, Tribble, Gaila) - Really, what else could Gaila say at a time like that?

Vulcan Ambassador Elopes in Vegas (278 words, PG, Spock, implied Sarek/Amanda) - the title says it all

Scientists Divided Over Cause of Euphoria in Squid Population (146 words, PG, Spock, McCoy) - Just a normal, everyday conversation between Spock and McCoy

Underwear Model, Genius Surprise Everyone (382 words, PG, Uhura, Gaila, Chekov, McCoy) - Gaila spots someone she never expected to meet in the flesh.

Gift Bag (309 words, PG, Kirk, Rand) - Janice really doesn't like getting gift bags from her boss

Front Loading Washing Machine (288 words, PG, McCoy, Scotty) - McCoy thought he had seen everything in Sick Bay. He was wrong.

Poster (99 words, PG, Cupcake, Keenser) - There are protocols to be followed when bringing things back to the Enterprise. Keenser doesn't like them.

Door Knob (162 words, PG, Jocelyn, McCoy) - This is how it ends.

Telescope (199 words, PG, Winona, Sam) - Winona teaches Sam about something beautiful

Hairdryer (197 words, R, Pike/Number One) - To him, she is perfect

His and His Towels (304 words, PG, Kirk, McCoy) -  Jim goes shopping, McCoy is not amused

Heating Pad (191 words, PG, Sulu, Chekov) - Chekov keeps Sulu company while he recovers from his injuries after the Space Jump

Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking; Dream of battle fields no more (369 words, PG, Chapel, Pike, McCoy) - Christine keeps watch over her patient

Acutely Illogical (326 words, PG, Gaila, Spock) - Spock observes Cadet Gaila

Unexpected Delights (684 words, R, Warnings: Possible Dub Con implications, it is the Mirror verse after all. Chekov/Joanna, Sulu/Chekov/Joanna and Sulu/Joanna) - Sulu enjoys tasting new things.

Private Revelations (1,118 words, R, Warnings: Mirrorverse; including veiled allusions to knife play, torture, voyeurism, murder, xenocide, slavery and possible incestuous situations. Joanna, mentions of Jocelyn, Chapel, Sulu, Spock and Kirk/McCoy) - One of the newest crew members of the ISS Enterprise sends back her initial impressions of serving aboard to Terra and her mother. Lieutenant Joanna Darnell-McCoy is no ordinary crew member. Her mother isn't a stay-at-home mom either.

Alternative Universes
Mine will now be yours (6,543 words, NC-17, Kirk/McCoy, mentions of McCoy/Jocelyn. Warnings: AU, Jim is 17 here, but it's all legal.) - Leonard McCoy finds something in his closet that he never expected to.

A picture says a thousand words, or in Jim's case, two (5,812 words, NC-17, Kirk/McCoy, Uhura, Chapel, Chekov and Pike (off screen) Warnings: AU, spanking (one slap), mentions of bondage situations and rimming) - Leonard McCoy knew all about the lines that shouldn't be crossed between a photographer and their subject. Jim Kirk made him throw all his ethics out the window. And then some.

Hiding in Plain Sight (56,463 words, NC-17, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, Pike, Hannity, Cupcake, Chapel/OMC, Rand, Nero, Ayel and OC’s. Warnings: AU, violence, handcuffs (yes this does need it's own warning where Jim Kirk is involved), discussions of sexuality and sexual practices. Also no cats were harmed in the writing of this fic.) - Special Agent James T. Kirk has never been one to follow the rules. It's what got him in trouble in Iowa, after all. But he's taken to disregarding his superior's orders to investigate one Dr. Leonard McCoy, who has a small practice in the sleepy suburbs of San Francisco. But Jim suspects there may be more to the doctor than the public front and while investigating McCoy's Russian organized crime connections, he discovers how far the rabbit hole can take him.

Shore Leave (1,958 words, NC17. Warnings: Semi-public sex, allusions to DADT, AU. Kirk/McCoy) - The epic love story and perfect first meeting between the soldier and the musician...this ain't it.

Not the Maltese Falcon (1,850 words, R, Kirk/McCoy. Warnings: First person pov (it's Noir!), mentions of homophobia within a historical context) - Leonard McCoy stood outside the door, fighting a silent battle over what to tell the man on the other side.

A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing (2,610 words, NC-17, Kirk/McCoy. Warnings: Semi-public sexual situations, voyeurism) - What to do when you are sure you have an innocent man behind bars? That is the dilemma facing Deputy Jim Kirk.

What a man’s gotta do (2,518 words, PG, Kirk/McCoy, McCoy/Jocelyn, Winona, Eleanora, M’Benga, Chapel, Spock, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, Scotty, Pike and Archer. Warnings: AU) - Sometimes the advantages of birth are not an advantage at all.

Don’t kill yourself! Just stick it! (43,000 words, NC17, Kirk/Gaila, Uhura/Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Chekov, Pike, Cupcake, Mitchell & Riley (references to past Gaila/Riley) Warnings: AU - olympic gymnastics, semi-public sexual encounter, masturbation, imagined voyeurism and threesome) - Jim Kirk did actually listen while the Olympic Charter was recited to him - Olympism is a philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind. Blending sport with culture and education, Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy of effort, the educational value of good example, social responsibility and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.
Being an athlete at the Olympics makes it hard to live up to these principles, especially when you have your father’s footsteps to follow, a growing awareness of your best friend, an antagonistic relationship with your assistant coach, one angry Romanian trying to cause havoc, oh, and a few gold medals to win. Jim Kirk didn’t believe in no-win situations but he was about to be put to the test.


Rascally Verse
A truth that's told with bad intent (35,745 words, NC17, Kirk/McCoy, Joanna McCoy and various OCs) - Bones finds himself in the predicament of being engaged, to THE Captain James T Kirk. How to get out of the situation? Well, consider one nine year old girl and a Starship Captain to the rescue. What could possibly go wrong?
Podfic links - mp3 and mb4

The most important thing is a proper name (6,328 words, R, Kirk/McCoy, Scotty, Spock, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, various Enterprise crew, Joanna, Eleanora, Timmy and Rascally.) - Jim has noticed that there is something a little different about Bones lately. His curiosity leads him to discover that what is affecting Bones is affecting his crew as well.

‘Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven’ (53,415 words, NC-17, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, Khan/Marla McGivers, Sulu, Chekov, Scotty, Chapel, Rand, Cupcake and various other OCs. Warnings: Violence, psychological manipulation, mention of past abusive relationships, character deaths (not senior crew)) - In the last year of their first five year mission, the crew of the Enterprise come upon a ship, silent and mysterious. The past is about to meet the future.

Tapotement - The further adventures of Rascally (4,601 words, NC-17, Kirk/McCoy, Scotty) - Um, Porn basically... Jim takes Bones on a shore leave holiday to Risa
Tapotement & Petrissage (6,961 words, NC-17, Kirk/McCoy, Scotty) - Some things can't be solved with sex, but if you don’t try you will never know

Comstock Kings Series
Just what the Captain ordered (1,168 words, NC-17, Gaila, Kirk/McCoy, Western AU) - Jim makes sure that his boys have a good time, Miss Gaila knows exactly what he needs.

What a doctor needs to know (9,975 words, NC-17, Kirk/McCoy, Pike, Gaila, Chekov, Scotty, Chapel, Uhura/Spock implied, Rand, Kirk/Gaila/McCoy. Warnings: AU, threesome, DP, implied voyeurism) -  Dr Leonard McCoy observes some new blood in Virginia City. Miss Gaila arranges an 'introduction' for him with some interesting results. Is this the start of a beautiful friendship?

Desperate times call for desperate measures (6,050 words, NC-17, Kirk/McCoy, Pike, Mia Colt and mentions of other canon ST characters. Warnings: Semi-public sexual situations, AU) - Leonard McCoy wasn’t sure which was more dangerous to his sanity. Sitting through a dinner with Pike and Jim Kirk or walking back to his house in the dark of the night in Virginia City with Jim Kirk? After this night, he still wasn’t sure

Ministering to the Wounded (2,734 words, PG-13, Kirk/McCoy and Mitchell. Warnings: H/C if you want to consider that a warning.) - Life out west can be a little bit hazardous, it might just be a good thing when your best friend happens to be a doctor...

Hollywood Series
Hollywood Nights (5,023 words, NC-17, Kirk/McCoy, mentions of Pike, Number One, Spock/Uhura, Riley, Eleanora, George/Winona) - Bones' night for introspection on the day of the finalisation for his divorce turns into a celebration that he didn't expect during a party in the Hollywood Hills on a hot summer night

Malibu Days (9,445 words, NC-17. Warnings: Rimming, semi-public sex, AU. Kirk/McCoy, Eleanora, Joanna. Mentions of Pike, Eleanora/David, George/Winona, and Jocelyn/McCoy) - Jim Kirk is not one to be ignored or avoided, Leonard McCoy discovers one day and it changes the course of the rest of his life. Plus mothers can be down right meddling

Enterprise School Series
Story Time (1,099 words, G, Kirk, McCoy, Sulu, Spock, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov, Pike and Komack. Warnings: AU, de-aged and cavity inducing fluff) - Leonard was not happy about the task he was told to do and he just knew that those two boys were going to cause trouble.

The best type of experiments, (if you’re a four year old) (908 words, G, Kirk, Sulu, Spock, Pavel, and Komack (mentions of McCoy, Scotty and Uhura). Warnings: AU, de-aged and cavity inducing fluff, Komack is a woman) - James finds a new use for some crayons. Sulu is recruited to help out and Spock is not amused.

The Masquerade Series
A night of Pleasure and Education (10,643 words, NC17, Kirk/McCoy (unrequited), Scotty, Kirk/Areel Shaw, McCoy/Areel Shaw and Sir Anthony Fanshawe (borrowed from the incomparable Georgette Heyer) Kinks/Warnings: Regency AU, Voyeurism) - Any young buck, hoping to make a splash amongst the Ton, should make the acquaintance of a high-flyer. Luckily for Lord Jim Kirk, Marquis of Uisneach, one of his friends has a plan. Unluckily it involves learning something new about his best friend, the man he has loved since he was sixteen.
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